Charlton Athletic V Cardiff City (game 9)

Game:             Cardiff City (game 9)

Date:               23rd November 2019


PrizeWinningValley Gold No.NameAddress
1st£750.003041S FirthMarket Harbourgh
2nd£50.003360E QueiKent
£50.003294A AvoryWest Sussex
£50.003403D WrightKent
£50.001307A CampbellKent
£50.001535A HironsKent
£50.003122C CheeserightLondon
£50.000435L CrawfordEast Sussex
£50.003186O FieldLondon
£50.001638M ColesKent
£50.002569J MeisselWest Sussex


PrizeWinningJackpot NoNameAddress
1st£486.000527J McDonnellKent
2nd£100.000820Not claimed as of14.50 on 23.11.19


In the VG Executive Box for the Cardiff game were:

G Osborn3002
C Abnett4025
J Van Leer4383
J Pavitt1738
B Moon1094