Valley Gold to sponsor Academy trip to Argentina

In the last few weeks, the Academy was approached by Newell’s Old Boys, a sports club based in Rosario Argentina, to participate in a tournament in February 2019 for 13 and 14-year-olds.

Newell’s Old Boys was founded in 1903 and have won the Argentinian ‘Premera Division’ six times in their history the last time in 2013. One other fact which people may know is that this is the club Lionel Messi started his career in football. The Academy was approached because of the links Adam Lawrence, the Head of Coaching, has in South America.

Valley Gold was asked if they would like to contribute towards the cost of the trip which we gladly agreed to, and the Academy is proud to be the only European team that has been invited. Teams invited so far are as follows:

  • Brasil: Paranaese
  • Chile: Club Universidad,
  • Uruguay: Penarol, Nacional
  • Peru: Sporting Cristal,
  • Argentina: Racing, Talleres, River Plate

Academy Manager Steve Avory and Head of Coaching Adam Lawrence are in agreement that this tournament will give our boys a very good understanding of how Academies in different countries operate.

Paul Nottage, Valley Gold Promoter said: “I believe this is a great use of Valley Gold funds, looking after all age groups within the Academy and will be a valuable experience for the boys”

More information about the tournament will be available in due course.